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Living From Your Heart

A Blog by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Experience God's Healing Touch This Lent



The Life's Healing Journey Ministry and the season of Lent share the same spiritual transformation. We often begin with a self-centered perspective since we tend to think that everything that happens in our immediate world or in the world in general has something to do with our behavior. Both Lent and the healing ministry of LHJ invite us to journey deep within ourselves, just as Jesus did in the Gospel from the First Sunday of Lent.

Discovering who we truly are

When we begin to discover ourselves as loved by God just as we are, when we can hear God's voice saying that each of us is a beloved child, then we can begin to see God as He truly is and ourselves as we truly are. We are able to build healthy relationships with others, and with creation. Little by little a transformation happens in our lives and we discover who we truly are as Jesus did at the Transfiguration. We come to discover that many of the hurts, losses, and disappointments of our lives need to be forgiven so that our old false self might die, and our true self can live. Life's Healing Journey invites us to pass from death to life with the Lord and to become able to love purely and passionately as He did.

Overcoming past hurts

An important part of our Life's Healing Journey Ministries is the Healing Childhood Hurts (HCH) Retreat. This retreat invites us to discover how God, through His Son, has been intimately involved in our lives even before we left our mother's womb. Reflecting on the traumatic childhood of Jesus we discover that the Lord knows our earliest moments of fear. The retreat helps us discover how early childhood experiences might have given us a false image of God, and as we reflect on the reality of our own families, we also begin to experience God's healing touch. This allows us to be able to express so many feelings of hurt, disappointment, sadness, and anger from our childhood that have never been voiced.

LEARNing TO LET GO of negativity

Through experiences that help us relieve childhood playfulness and spontaneity we reconnect with the child that was never allowed to be. Giving voice to our inner child we begin to discover our own values, strengths, and faith that has allowed us to survive. We begin to have faith in ourselves upon discovering how much God believes in us and how close he always has been. We learn how to forgive the people we trusted who failed us. We learn to let go of all the negativity we have assumed and to affirm a positive image of ourselves as a child of God. It is truly a Paschal experience to pass from our old false self to the new true self loved by the Lord. We begin to discover a positive burning passion we have for life and open our hearts to new possibilities.

To learn more about the resources offered through our Life’s Healing Journey Ministry, or to sign up for a retreat, visit our information page.

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Posted by Fr. Joe Jablonski

Fr. Joseph Jablonski, M.S.C. was born in Steubenville, Ohio, in 1949 and has been a professed member of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart since 1970 and a priest since 1976. He has preached numerous retreats in parishes as well as retreats for religious, priests and laity in both English and Spanish in the USA, Colombia, and around the world. For the past six years Fr. Joe has been part of the team for Life’s Healing Journey retreats throughout the USA and abroad. His focus is on the experience of the compassionate, loving heart of Christ who heals us and then sends us forth to witness to his love.

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The Living From Your Heart blog shares stories, meditations, and testimonies about the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and their work around the world as they carry out their mission to love as Jesus loved.  

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