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On Faith

Daily Articles and Reflections from The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

All our fears are dissolved in his love

The two great commandments of the law are, at the same time, invitations offered to our freedom. Though the commandments of love are laws, we receive them from a Father who made us free to respond with love. Many people are tense and anxious by nature and carry that over into their spiritual lives. They tend to see the laws... Read More →

Where do the wars and conflicts among you come from? Sunday Reflection

25th Sunday of 2018

The wisdom that Saint James proclaims in today's second reading is the fruit of forgiveness. All of the negative passions making war within a person come from the lack of forgiveness. For us to be able to forgive, we must first recognize that we are forgiven by the Lord. By focusing on the Lord and not on...

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"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's"

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar's but give to God what is God's” (Mk 12). As disciples of Jesus, we can see two lessons here. The first is the example of Jesus' prudence in responding to his enemies. They wanted to get him in trouble with the Roman authorities. Jesus deliberately evaded their trap. When people try to manipulate... Read More →

We need to show gratitude for the love of God

The heart of Jesus wants to bring our attention to his great love for us. He allowed his heart to be pierced on the cross. He loves all of us, everywhere and in all ages. Jesus is concerned about ingratitude for this gift. This complaint is intended for us. We need to show gratitude for the love of God in Jesus so as to become... Read More →

Sin is always a form of self-destruction

When Jesus told the parable of the vineyard (Mk 4) he was warning the religious leaders who had killed God's prophets one after another and would soon treat Jesus in the same way. We can understand this Gospel as a harsh word or hear what lies underneath the surface. What we hear will depend upon whether we are moved more by... Read More →

A message of hope

We who believe in the promises of God carry to the world a message of hope. Any of us who have ever tried to assist troubled people, especially people trapped by their sins or addictions, know that what they need at the beginning of their deliverance is hope. Hope makes it possible for them and for us to endure whatever... Read More →

A reason for hope not complacency

The early Church saw itself as seated at the right hand of God in Jesus. It was a resurrected Church, in some way already lifted into the heavens. It also knew that it was a Church made up of very flawed people. We celebrate our belief that Jesus is now at the right hand of his Father and that we are a redeemed people in spite... Read More →

Underneath the details of our daily lives

Isn't thinking about the eternal glory of God too lofty for ordinary human beings living ordinary daily lives? What can such a meditation have in common with the demands and confusion which sometimes prevail in our households and work-places? We need to be aware that underneath the details of our daily lives there is a great... Read More →

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit will guide us

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit will guide us to all truth (Jn 16). The ultimate truth for us is to see God face to face. Now in this world our spiritual life depends upon what we believe about God. “In him we live and move and have our being,” as Paul says (Acts 17). Yet we need to discover God gradually, guided by the... Read More →

Take up your cross and follow me: Sunday Reflection

Twenty-fourth Sunday 2018

We might look at today’s Gospel and feel like Peter rebuking the Lord because we don’t want to think about suffering. Yet, we are suffering. Sometimes the hurt and pain is emotional, sometimes it is physical. Some pain is produced by others, some by us. Some suffering is born out of injustice and...

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Daily Articles and Reflections from The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

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