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On Faith

Daily Articles and Reflections from The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Leadership: Sunday Reflection

16th Sunday 2016

Today's readings are about leadership.

Jeremiah expressed God's concern about the kings who had misled and scattered the people of Israel. The flock had not been cared for and many were scattered and driven away. So, God promised a new leadership that would govern wisely and do what was right and just.

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Lifted into a new relationship with God

The history of the people of ancient Israel was that they had been given an original grace and covenant that lifted them into a new relationship with God. To create that covenant God overcame great obstacles for them. He then led them through the desert to a place of peace. This people grew tired of having God lead them. They... Read More →

Excessive attachments

When we look carefully at excessive attachments, our own or those of others, whether to particular sins or things, it becomes apparent that they are forms of idolatry. What the Psalmist says about his people is typical of anyone, anytime, who has become comfortable with an idol after having been led by the Lord: Read More →

Delivered from great sin

Some people have never been grievously enslaved, yet they love the Lord as their savior. Therese of Lisieux for example, thought about the woman in the Gospel who loved much because she had been forgiven much (Lk 7). If only those who had been delivered from great sins could love God greatly what was Therese to do? She had... Read More →

God chooses to extend his mercy

There is the scene in Matthew where Jesus is once again among the crowds: “At the sight of the crowds, his heart was moved with pity. They were lying prostrate from exhaustion, like sheep without a shepherd. He said to his disciples: 'The harvest is good but laborers are scarce. Beg the harvest master to send out laborers to... Read More →

Make of me a companion to others in their need

When in our day Jesus touches people lovingly, intimately, they discover a divine power working through the humanity of Jesus. They experience a power which is: certainly able to help them; Friendly; familiar; no fool, but expecting a change of heart; faithful; patient; and wise. That is why they are able to let go of all that... Read More →

Set free by the healing power of Jesus

When we see that we have been set free by the healing power of Jesus we can never be the same again. We can ask what went on in the minds and hearts of people whom Jesus healed in spirit and body during his earthly ministry. Generally, they were desperate people: lifelong blindness, many years of lameness, the hemorrhaging... Read More →

Just do it!

Fifteenth Sunday 2018 

In today’s Gospel Jesus sends the Twelve on a mission although they are not totally prepared. The Lord tells them to let-go of all attachments and fears and to go forth trusting in him. The Apostles went forth and dispelled many demons and cured many who were sick; not all just many. They did something...

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The first disciples didn't ask deep questions

The crowds surge around Jesus: Who is he? What is he doing now? / He is going to raise the dead, a little girl. / What nonsense! / Look, that woman is touching him; I wonder if I could ever believe like that? / He calls himself a Teacher but he is not different from us. How could God have chosen him? Who does he think he is? Read More →

A loving, compassionate Creator

The 104th Psalm captures the vision and joy of one who sees God as a loving, compassionate Creator: Read More →
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Daily Articles and Reflections from The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

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