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On Faith

Daily Articles and Reflections from The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Don’t let your hearts be troubled: Sunday Reflection


Fifth Sunday of Easter 2017

Don’t let your hearts be troubled.Don’t let your hearts be troubled.

So many times, our hearts are troubled because of our shortsightedness. We set our hearts on short-term goals while losing sight of our destination. Maybe it’s time to do what our automated maps tells us- recalculate!

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us that there is a destination, an eternal dwelling place in the Father’s house. To get there we need to remember that each of us is important to the Father and that Jesus is showing us the way. Many times, the anger and frustrations we experience are because we are not open to letting the Lord show us the way, but rather choose to try to find the way alone. There are roadblocks and detours along the way, but we are not traveling alone and will not be lost, if we keep our sight on the Lord who leads.

Believing in the Lord, as he is, because he believes in each of us, as we are, is the first step on the journey. Remember, Jesus’s human life was not based on power, influence or wealth. So, his way might be very different from the one on which we have been traveling; even the Apostles found that to be challenging. Yet, he believed in them and believes in us. When we finally let- go and let the Lord lead, our hearts will not be troubled. The indwelling of the Lord begins now and his way of life leads us to dwelling with him forever.

Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC

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Daily Articles and Reflections from The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

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