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On Faith

Daily Articles and Reflections from The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Keeping focused: Sunday Reflection


Epiphany 2017

Keeping focusedHow do I avoid the traps and treacheries in life and stay on path? How do I keep focused on the light as the Magi did and not be dissuaded from my quest?

First, it is important to be seeking something and to be aware of what I am seeking. What are the deepest desires in my heart? Are they noble desires born out of love? Are there past negative events in my life that I am holding onto that don’t allow me to have the freedom to follow my heart’s true desire today? Is there something so important to me that I would leave everything to go after it? When I imagine possessing what I am desiring, do I feel inner peace or disillusionment? These are only a few of the questions that the Magi pose to each of us that will help us keep focused along the journey of life.

The Magi were seeking someone, not something. They left the world they knew and traveled just to appreciate and honor someone with their gifts, beginning with the gift of themselves. Without a need to possess him, they were satisfied in their quest by simply appreciating him; to love without strings attached. They left fulfilled. Their purity of heart and firmness of purpose protected them from the lies and snares of Herod.

May each of us keep focused and follow the star that the Lord sends into each of our lives until we find him!

Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC

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Daily Articles and Reflections from The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

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