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Daily Articles and Reflections from The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

What do we do about the weeds? Sunday Reflection


Sixteenth Sunday 2017

What do we do about the weeds?

The parable of the weeds and wheat shows the great patience of God with each of us. Where do the weeds come from in the world and in ourselves? An enemy who comes when everyone is asleep is the culprit according to the Gospel. In other words, it is a mystery. Why did the owner of the wheat allow it to happen and why doesn’t he do something? Wherever evil comes from, God seems to be willing to wait before acting. God doesn’t start pulling up weeds but waits, giving time for the good to grow.

Wheat and weeds grow inside of each of us. Virtue and vice are always living together in our hearts and minds. God knows that about us and is patient with us. We are called to be patient with ourselves and others and to encourage the good to grow. The other two short parables strengthen the idea of giving time for growth: time for a mustard seed to become a bush or for yeast to leaven dough. God is patient and merciful, not rushing to judge us but rather giving us time to grow. Learning to be patient with ourselves and others while striving to produce a good harvest in our lives is an important part of being Christian.

If we give too much focus to the weeds, we will get discouraged with our own failures and those of others. Our focus needs to be on doing the best we can and believing that others are doing the same.There will be many times when we will need to forgive ourselves and others. Then we need to take responsibility for our own growth and for encouraging others who also are on the way.

There will be a judgement in the end, but that is up to our merciful God, not us.

Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC

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Daily Articles and Reflections from The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

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