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Living From Your Heart

A Blog by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Finding Peace through Prayer and Meditation

The word meditation, like the word "love," has so many meanings that sometimes there's confusion about what the word means. Just as we use the word love for everything from ice cream to a person, so too we used the word meditation for anything from yoga class to becoming a hermit with the Carthusians.

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How the Disciples Overcame Distorted Images of Jesus

When we experience uneasy and uncertain feelings about God, we share far more in common with Jesus’ disciples than we think. It was a long process for them to fully understand Jesus. They often felt confused by his teachings and struggled to comprehend the meaning behind them.

Despite their obedience and willingness, we see...

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A Healthy Understanding of God the Father

"I don't know why God gave her cancer she never did anything wrong."

"Do you think that little town was destroyed by a tornado because of their sins?"

"Those people got what they deserve, God punishes the wicked."

"I keep praying to God for a boyfriend/girlfriend, but he doesn't answer."

"I believe in God, but there's so...

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How to Overcome Five Harmful and Distorted Images of God

When things go our way, life is nothing but a breeze!

“Gosh, everything has been going so great lately! God must truly love me, he’s been very kind to me. I’m so blessed.”

Does this ring a bell? We tend to have a positive view of God when things meet our expectations and we approve of his plans for us. We show a great deal of...

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Unite Your Heart With Christ's Through This Special Novena [Free eBook]

A novena is a time of preparation and prayer before a special feast day of the Church - nine days of "getting ready" to celebrate something significant. Today we begin offering a Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in honor of the Feast of the Sacred Heart on June 23.

Jesus loved us all with a human heart to teach us to be...

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How Olympic Medalist Joe Kovacs and His Mother Found Support Through A Community of Faith

Over the past few years, US shot putter Joe Kovacs has been creating a name for himself with his powerful throws and strong performances. He won a Gold for Men’s Shot Put at the IAAF World Championship in Beijing in 2015 and a Silver for the same event at the Rio Olympics in 2016. His achievements and hardworking demeanor have...

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How to Navigate and Cope With Anger to Find Peace

Anger. We’ve all experienced it. It comes from a place of hurt and bitterness. Looking at the Bible, we can learn a few good lessons about anger and how to deal with it, for instance Cain and Abel, Judas, and even Jesus experienced feelings of anger as the human he was. He revealed feelings of hurt and questioning in the Agony...

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Shifting My Perspective On Faith: A Different Style Retreat

I’ve been involved with the MSCs (The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart) since August of 2005. Several of the missionaries became really good friends of mine when we were introduced through a counselor in high school.

I met Mario Delgado, who was working with Life’s Healing Journey and the MSCs, and he really helped me find...

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When Joy and Fear Meet

In many of the Resurrection stories in the Gospels, there is a strange mixture of great joy and fear. Mark’s Gospel has a mixture of amazement and fear. Matthew relates that the women were “fearful yet overjoyed.” John’s Gospel has Mary of Magdala weeping until Jesus reveals himself to her. The disciples are also locked away...

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Constant Irritations Weighing You Down? Here’s How A Retreat Helped Katherine.

It all started back in 1985. I was sitting in church when they made the announcements and introduced the Life’s Healing Journey weekend retreat. I had never been to a retreat before, so it intrigued me.

What really caught my attention that I’ll never forget was when I heard them say “Do you find yourself with constant...

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The Living From Your Heart blog shares stories, meditations, and testimonies about the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and their work around the world as they carry out their mission to love as Jesus loved.  

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